` May Day in the Ukraine as Demonstrators Storm Regional Prosecutors Office in Donetsk '

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – May 01 – Anti-government demonstrators in a major eastern Ukraine city stormed and took over the regional prosecutor’s office Thursday as evidence mounts that authorities are losing control over swaths of the country.

More than a thousand people stormed the prosecutor’s office building, an Interfax-Ukraine correspondent reported. Now they have got into the building and are throwing documents, most probably criminal cases files, through the windows.

The protesters formed “a corridor of shame” through which they let the law-enforcers who were defending the building. From time to time somebody from the crowd started hitting the passing policemen. Before this, the policemen surrendered their shields, batons and body armour. (Interfax-Ukraine)

A row of several dozen riot police standing guard at the regional prosecutor’s office fired stun grenades and tear gas when some at the front of the crowd of several hundred people attempted to force their way into the building in Donetsk.

As the confrontation escalated, some in the crowd threw rocks and managed to tear shields off the police. An Associated Press reporter saw a handful of officers being dragged away and beaten by members of the crowd.

Hundreds of onlookers accompanying the protesters, who included several crying children, shouted slogans and hurled abuse.

Upon occupying the building, protesters discarded the Ukrainian flag and replaced it with that of the Donetsk People’s Republic — a movement that seeks either greater autonomy from the central government, or independence and possible annexation by Russia.

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