` Mexican Authorities Seize Ship Belonging to a Drugs Cartel Carrying 68,000 Tons of Illegal Iron Ore'

#AceNewsServices – MEXICO – May 01 – Mexican authorities say they have seized a ship belonging to a drugs cartel which was carrying 68,000 tonnes of illegal iron ore.

The authorities were tipped off by an anonymous phone call after the ship left the port of Lazaro Cardenas.

The mayor of Lazaro Cardenas, the port the ship originated from, was also arrested on Tuesday over suspected links to drug traffickers.

The ship, Jian Hua, was detained near the Pacific port of Manzanillo.

Mexico has seized more than 200,000 tonnes of illegal iron ore in recent months, most of it on its way to China.

The company operating the ship now have 30 days to prove to authorities that the iron ore was extracted legally from Mexico.

Mexico has seized more than 200,000 tons of illegal iron ore in recent months, the majority of it bound for China.

Knights Templar Cartel

Lazaro Cardenas is one of the main port cities on the Pacific coast and a drug-trafficking hotspot.

The city’s mayor, Arquimedes Oseguera, is accused of having ties to the Knights Templar drugs cartel, which he denies.

The city’s treasurer was also arrested on suspicion of having links to the group.

As well as smuggling iron ore, the Knights Templar are also one of the main suppliers of methamphetamines to the United States.

Police are searching for the leader of the group, Servando Gomez, in the mountains around the city.

Three of the cartel’s top bosses have been killed or captured since the beginning of the year in a crackdown by the security forces.

Farmers in western Michoacan state have long complained about the power of the Knights Templar and the corrupt nature of local officials.

Many have joined “self-defence” groups which have taken control of a number of small towns in the state.

Little is known about this secret society other than this report by (Al-Jazeera) – July 22 2011 by Mónica Villamizar – There were four hooded tunics, with a red cross, a metal helmet, and a pamphlet or Templar rule book.

This drug cartel claims to draw inspiration from the medieval Christian warriors who fought to protect Jerusalem and the Holy Grail.

No one knows if its founder, Servando Gomez, a school teacher, was a history enthusiast or simply read the Da Vinci Code.

The rules in the modern day ‘templar bible’ call for observance of ‘gentleman’ like behaviour and respect for women – but also state that any disclosure of knights templar activities will result in the death of the person and his whole family, and confiscation by the cartel of the snitch’s property. Watch my tv report from Michoacan.


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