` Telekom Obliged by Law to Give Security Agencies Information to Monitor under the Four Eyes Principle ‘

AceSecurityNews – BERLIN – May 05 – PRESS RELEASE – Telekom is obliged by law to give security agencies under certain conditions and information to enable monitoring. To ensure transparency, the Telekom now publishes the annual figures.

The Telekom pays strict attention to the compliance of telecommunications secrecy and data protection. If authorities intervene in these fundamental rights of citizens, Deutsche Telekom provides the legally impeccable machining state monitoring and requests for information secure. In particular, it is guaranteed that Telekom is active only if the legal conditions are met.

Support services for surveillance activities are thereby rendered strictly in accordance with the four-eyes principle, ie there are always two people involved that monitor each other.

This procedure protects against work errors. The individual processing steps are documented and subject to regular inspection by the safety representative and by the Federal Network Agency. In addition, check the Privacy Officer and the Internal Audit Department of Deutsche Telekom.

The following table shows for the period 2013 arranged by state authorities against the telecom connection monitoring and beauskunfteten traffic data sets, participants inventory data and IP addresses:

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