The Crimean “Occupendum” – Mustafa Jemilev was right: the decision about Crimea’s anschluss is legally fraught.

Voices of Ukraine

According to the report of the Presidential Council on Civil Society and Human Rights of the Russian Federation, the Crimean referendum is assessed as follows:

• the overwhelming majority of citizens in Sevastopol have voted for joining to Russia on the referendum (50-80% of voters); in Crimea 50-60% of voters voted for joining Russia whereas the general voter turnout was only 30-50%.

• Crimea’s inhabitants have voted not so much for joining Russia, as for the termination of, as they say, “corruption and lawlessness of the thieves of the dominant Donetsk henchmen.” Inhabitants of Sevastopol particularly voted for annexation to Russia. Fears of illegal armed groups in Sevastopol were higher than in other regions of Crimea.

Consequently, the confines of the possible values of the total number of voters in Crimea who voted on the “occupendum” for joining Russia draws from 15% (30×50) to 30% (50×60).

As it’s known, according…

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