` Innocent Victim Standing on her Balcony in ` Slavyansk ‘ is Shot in Head by Sniper ‘

#AceNewsServices – May 06 – SLAVYANSK – (RT Exclusive Report) – A 30-year-old civilian woman died after being shot in the head by sniper fire while standing on her balcony in Slavyansk. RT’s Paula Slier visited shocked relatives of the victim, who say a Ukrainian army sniper is responsible, though they don’t know why.

Slier arrived to the small Slavyansk apartment just hours after Irina was murdered, a large pool of blood still marking the floor of the balcony. A hospital nurse earlier confirmed that the woman died of a gunshot wound to her head.

The apartment, located on the sixth floor of a small block of flats, appeared to be away from the recent fighting in Slavyansk, and no barricades or checkpoints could be seen anywhere near the area.

Irina, who was head of a department at a technical college in Slavyansk, never took part in any protests or fighting. However, when standing on her balcony and waiting for her husband to come home from a nearby garage, the woman was targeted by an unidentified sniper. Neighbours said they heard a popping sound coming from the trees opposite her window.

Slier spoke to the family of the victim, still in shock and disbelief at what happened.

“She was just standing there, waiting for her husband to come back home…Why was the girl killed?!” Irina’s mother-in-law, who says she treated her like a daughter, told Slier.

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