North Korea: A Modern Portrait of the Past?

#ANS2014 – Fantastic Post and Highlights the Inequality and how people have been kept in check by the Government for generations. #mustread

Globe Drifting


‘North Korea invites parody. We laugh at the excesses of the propaganda and the gullibility of the people. But consider that their indoctrination began in infancy, during the fourteen-hour days spent in factory day-care centers; that for the subsequent fifty years, every song, film, newspaper article, and billboard was designed to deify Kim Il-sung; that the country was hermetically sealed to keep out anything that might cast doubt on Kim Il-sung’s divinity. Who could possibly resist?’ ― Barbara Demick,

As you finish your staple breakfast of corn or maize porridge, you may put on your state-approved dark coloured clothes, journey a 110 metres below ground, heave the great steal bomb shelter-like doors of the station shut behind you, pass the local guards standing gripped by their motionless national duties on your way and prepare to travel on line 2 of North Korea’s Pyongyang Metro (평양 지하철 P’yŏngyang Chihach’ŏl)…

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