US House of Reps Votes Lerner in Contempt…

US House of Reps Votes Lerner in Contempt

Posted on May 7, 2014 by Brittius

Wednesday, May 07, 2014, as reported by Fox News: Former Internal Revenue Service director, Lois Lerner, has be voted by members of the United States House of Representatives, which is the Lower House of Congress, by a margin of 231 Aye for Contempt, and 187 Nay for Non-Contempt. The proceedings have been the focus of the House Oversight Commitee, and the official results of the contempt vote is to be forwarded to the United States Department of Justice for prosecution. Lerner alleged to have had the Internal Revenue service target conservative groups for harassment and refused to testify before Congress under oath yet kept answering select soundbites as it amused her and her handlers in a contemptuous manner.

With forwarding of the vote and findings of the House Oversight Committee to the Department of Justice, it may be believed that prosecution will be deied or not given a docket, as the fix will be in, but that may possibly re-open the United States Attorney General Eric Holder to charges unrelated where there were issues concerning his refusal to testify and possible involvement in criminal activities of gun running and dealings with drug cartels of Mexico, where United States Border Patrolman Brian Terry, was Murdered in Cold Blood, and the weapon was one from Eric Holder’s Operation Fast and Furious.