The federal government is a powerful and fearsome tool against the citizens, not so much against our true enemies,radical Islamic terrorists


The former Secretary of State did not label and identify the radical Islamic terrorist group Boko Harum a terrorist organization or group, which has now set about kidnapping young school age girls. This group has now threatened to sell the girls on the open market. The excuse that they were not identifying them as a terrorist group because it would draw attention to them and possibly influencing recruitment of more radicals into the group, is absurd. Could this be one of the terrorist organizations that BHO said were only JV? I fail to understand why BHO and his administration fear offending the radical Islamic terrorists. Surely by now BHO and his administration have seen or heard the stories of what happens to children and women under radical Islamic law, girls suffer genital mutilation, boys are raped, women are suppressed, oppressed have no rights to an education or pursuit of a…

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