` Moscow District Court Sanctions Arrest of Rape Case Suspect Yemelyanenko '

#AceNewsServices – MOSCOW – May 10 – A Moscow district court on Saturday sanctioned the arrest of mixed martial arts exponent Alexander Yemelyanenko, a rape case suspect.

A judge of the Simonovsky court said he had granted the investigator’s request for Yemelyanenko’s custody after examining the parties’ arguments and the materials attached to the case.

Yemelyanenko will remain in custody until June 30.

The defendant, if at large, might escape the investigator or put pressure on witnesses and the victim because he knows her whereabouts, the judge said announcing the ruling.

He added that Yemelyanenko had been on the wanted list until May 9. According to the investigator, the athlete’s temporary registration has expired and he had no information about his valid registration in Russia.

Yemelyanenko denied fleeing justice. “I did not hide anywhere; I went to Ukraine where my grandfather had recently died. I lost my documents and went to have them re-issued,” he said.

His lawyer said that his client “reported to the investigator in early April as requested. “When they came to the investigation department, the guards told us the investigator could not be reached by phone, so we left, because we are not supposed to wait for the investigator all day,” the lawyer said.

Yemelyanenko and his lawyer asked the court to select house arrest as the measure of restraint.

Earlier on Saturday, the Investigative Committee reported that Yemelyanenko had been questioned as a rape case suspect and charged.


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