` Trial of Teenager Beaten to Death by Eight Men for Anti-Government Protests’

#AceNewsServices – ANKARA – May 12 – (ALJ) A court in the Turkish city of Kayseri has began to hear key testimonies in the trial of eight men, including four policemen, accused of beating a teenage student to death during anti-government protests last year.



Ali Ismail Korkmaz died after being pummelled with baseball bats and truncheons in the western city of Eskisehir on June 2, one of eight people to die during three weeks of protests that convulsed the country.

“I saw Ali Ismail being kicked on his back and head again and again,” Semih Berkay Yapici, a witness who was on the scene, told the court on Monday.

“He lost his balance, fell on the ground, hit his head on a stone and lost consciousness.

His eyes were closed.”

Yapici said once Korkmaz regained consciousness he was again kicked on the head and as he fled his attackers, was set upon by plain-clothes policemen with gas masks who ruthlessly kicked and beat him on the legs.

“He then took a turn and went out of my sight … his face is etched into my memory,” he said.

Yapici identified the police suspects who attended the proceedings in handcuffs from mug shots.

Ali Ismail Korkmaz  Protest

During the attack, which was recorded by security cameras, the 19-year-old student, who was wearing a “World Peace” T-shirt, suffered a brain haemorrhage and died after 38 days in a coma.

Eight men, including four plain-clothes policemen, are accused of premeditated murder and face between 10 years and life behind bars if convicted.

During the first hearing of the case in March, the four police officers denied beating Korkmaz to death.

Kayseri Ali Ismail Korkmaz eight defendants accused of killing four police witnesses Semih second hearing in the trial continues with testimony of Cindy.

Testimony of the witnesses as saying that Ali Ismail Korkmaz hit, which was described as a long-haired and not know the name of the police ID’d from photo.

The defendants in Eskisehir Travel Park during the actions Ali Ismail Korkmaz is accused of attacking. Korkmaz, had died after 38 days in a coma.

Kayseri third heavy penal court hearing witnesses in the ongoing Semih Cindy took the floor and told Ali Ismail Korkmaz was attacked.

Cindy, recounting memories of Ali Ismail Korkmaz beaten to a halt. Took the time to continue.

Judge Cindy witness to “tell them everything. Hesitation,” he said. Cindy’s response is “I’ll tell you, sir, doubt not” was.

Listen to the testimony of the audience began to cry in the hall.

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