` FCC Gets Go Ahead and Passed Proposed New Net Neutrality Rules ‘

#AceBreakingNews – WASHINGTON – May 15 – Despite division on the Federal Communication Commission, the agency passed new proposed new net neutrality rules on Thursday.

The vote played out on political lines with FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, appointed by President Obama last fall, casting the deciding vote after two Democratic commissioners vote in favour and two Republicans dissented.

“If someone acts to divide the Internet between haves and have-nots, we will use every power to stop it,” Wheeler said.

Commissioners were met by protesters outside the agency and within the packed hearing room. Several vocal protesters interrupted the proceedings, clamouring support for the FCC to regulate the Internet as a common carrier, as telephone service is.

“I strongly support an open Internet.

This agency supports an open Internet although you have seen today that the ability to ensure an open Internet is a matter of dispute,” Wheeler said.

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