` Women Paying Price of War in Syria All In the Name of Man’s Image of God ‘

#AceWorldNews – SYRIA – May 15 – (MNN) – Syrian women are paying the price of war. Baptist Global Response says some refugee widows are becoming prostitutes in order to feed their families.

 They’re also helping physically with food distributions.

*Jala, a refugee, sits in a crowded room in Lebanon with other Syrian refugee women who gathered for Bible study. She makes a bold announcement.

“People really need to pray for the women in Syria because they are being raped,” she says.

Jala describes some of the horrific things she has seen and heard: women being raped in their homes or while fleeing the country, and some being taken as brides of the militia.

“They steal, they kill, and they rape in the name of God,” Jala says.

In the two years since the war began, the death toll in Syria has climbed above 90,000 people.


The plight of women, though, is seldom discussed.

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