` Oligarch `Rinat Akhmetov ' Calls on his ` Workers to Stage a Strike in Support of Peace ' in Donetsk Region '

#AceNewsServices – UKRAINE – May 20 – Ukraine’s richest man, Rinat Akhmetov, has called on his workers to stage a strike “in support of peace” in Donetsk Region in the country’s south-east.

On Tuesday’s afternoon, a meeting will be held, and a horn will be sounded every day at 12:00pm as a symbol of peace, RIA Novosti quoted Akhmetov as saying on television.

The horn will be heard every day until the conflict settles.

The businessman opposed the leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, warned of the possible “isolation” of the region of Donbass, and promised to “not let it be destroyed.”

He earlier supported the decentralization of the power in Ukraine.

Statement on May 19 – Translation from Russian to English (apologies for any discrepancies)

Dear compatriots! Today Mariupol wanted to hold peace march.

And as I said, going to go out on a share of more than fifty thousand people.

And it is – only one Mariupol! And ready to go today Donbas millions! Why? Because people are tired of living in fear. Tired of living in terror.

Tired of going out to the streets and get the bullets.

For Donbass go with machine guns, grenade launchers. cities in banditry and looting.

Is that a peaceful life? Is that a strong economy? It does a decent job and a decent salary? No! And that’s why people wanted to go out on a peace march.

But in the morning I was told that there were guns in Mariupol that civilians, peaceful rally want to shoot! I immediately contacted the directors of our companies and urged them to suspend participation in the peace march.

Because human life – the main value. And I will never let anyone to shed blood. I called to suspend the action. Pause, but do not stop! Because if we stop, Donbass and will continue in the blood! I want to tell everyone – we will not stop. We will not be intimidated!

We do not intimidate anyone! Including those who call themselves some Donetsk People’s Republic. Tell me please who knows the Donbas at least one representative of the DNR? What have they done to our land, what jobs created? Walk with guns by city Donbass is that – defending the rights of the citizens of Donetsk to the central government? Looting in cities and capture of civilians is that the struggle for the happiness of our land? No!

This is a fight against the inhabitants of our land! This – the fight against Donbass! This genocidal Donbass! And I will not let destroy Donbass! I was born here and I live here. And so I urge everyone to unite in our struggle. During Donbass unarmed! For Donbass without masks!

For Donbass with peaceful sky over your head! Today representatives of the so-called DNR seized the railway. They do not just stop the railroad they stopped the heart of Donbass!

Because the industry without Donbass railway die. So die Donbass – our labor edge! And so I urge all labor groups to go out tomorrow helpful protest in the workplace. And this rally will begin at noon tomorrow with buzzer that sounds for all the Donbass region. In support of the world! Against bloodshed!

And while the world is established, every day at 12 o’clock will be distributed throughout the Donbas a beep. I also urge all motorists all the patriots of our region to join this action.

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