` Preliminary Results from 113 Polling Stations Around the World Indicate Fatah Al-Sisi has Claimed 92.5 Percent of Votes ‘

#AceWorldNews – ANKARA – May 20 – Preliminary results from 113 polling stations around the world indicate that former defence minister Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi will claim a landslide victory over Nasserist Hamdeen Sabahy in the expatriate portion of the presidential elections.

The collated results show that Al-Sisi has claimed 92.5% of the ballots cast, Sabahy won 5.98%, and 1.5% of ballots were invalid.

The preliminary turnout figure from the 114 polling stations was 225,299, although the final turnout is approximately 315,000, according to the foreign ministry.

The first results came in from Australia, where 4,849 people cast their vote over five days, a period that was extended by the Presidential Elections Committee on Saturday from the original four days due to “high turnout”. 4,672 Egyptians voted for Al-Sisi in Australia in three polling stations, compared to 146 for Sabahy, and 32 votes cast were ruled to be invalid.

Daily News Egypt

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