` Journalist Abdullah Elshamy Video on Hunger Strike and Interview by Wife ‘

#AceNewsServices – May 21 – CAIRO – Footage has emerged for the first time of Al Jazeera’s hunger striking journalist Abdullah Elshamy. Elshamy has been in Egyptian prison since August 14, 2013, without charge.

Egyptian authorities moved him to an undisclosed location on May 12, 2014.

Update: According to his family, Elshamy has been transferred to a solitary confinement in maximum security Scorpion unit in Tora prisons.

Interview from Al-Jazeera on the April 30 2014 – Gehad Khaled is an Egyptian activist and wife of detained Al Jazeera journalist Abdullah al-Shami.

It’s almost May and a thought comes to my mind; how will my husband and I celebrate his birthday this year?

Do I surprise him by booking a trip to a new destination or do I organise a small party with close friends, or do we go where we spent our first day of marriage, on a Mediterranean island?

What shall I get him as a gift? Is there enough time to learn how to bake a beautiful cake?

Last year was the first year we spent his birthday together. He told me it was the most beautiful he’s ever had, and I promised to make it the most beautiful every year. So what do I do this year?

Hold on for a moment! This year is different. Abdullah is not here, and even though he hasn’t travelled on assignment, we will not be meeting within days. Abdullah is only a few miles away. It only takes me 20 minutes by car to reach the place he is; but he is not somewhere normal.

Abdullah is detained behind thick concrete walls, metal bars and armed guards separate us. This year it’s different because I don’t know if we will spend his birthday together. Will I be standing outside his wretched jail cell, or will I be given permission to relieve him the brunt of his daily captivity?

And my mind starts to go in a different way. How will I celebrate with him in jail? How will we spend our time together surrounded by dozens of people and a number of informants around us violating any form of privacy in our conversation.

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