European Parliamentary Elections: Who Are You Really Voting For?


When it comes to the European Parliamentary Elections we are all aware of the mainstream parties that are standing along with those minority parties such asthenosphere Greens, UKIP and the BNP plus a splattering of fringe anti and pro EU parties.

Yet despite our knowledge of the mainstream parties, are we really aware of how our vote for them might actually affect the European Parliament that we are actually voting towards? We give a run down of the blocs here:

Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
Is a member of the larger international political group: Liberal International and is the Liberal-Centrist party of Europe. They currently have 85 of the parliaments 736 seats and sit on a pro-European platform that backs neoliberal economics, European integration and the European single market. To vote for the ALDE in the UK vote for the Liberal Democrats.

The European Peoples Party
Is the…

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