` Ukrainian Army Helicopters Fired on Donetsk Based Tochmash Plant to Stop Production of Arms ‘

#AceNewsServices – DONETSK – May 26 – Three Ukrainian army helicopters today fired at the Donetsk-based Tochmash plant, which specializes in the production of machinery for various sectors of industry, the press service of the newly-formed Donetsk People’s Republic told ITAR-TASS on Monday.

The report states that they specialise in the production of machinery for various sectors of industry. My research has found that far from just production of machinery and household goods, they also produce and develop arms. One 18 calibre gun which is highlighted below.

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  2. Fellow WP Blogger – 07/02/2012 – Russian Arms Manufacturer Tochmash – Russia’s Arsenal plant has developed a modular pistol with a new lock mechanism. The plant’s director Dmitriy Streshinskiy told Izvestiya that by using a removable barrel the selfsame pistol can turn into a gun of four different calibres, while an extended barrel turns the “Strayk” into a carbine capable of aimed fire at 200 meters. However, at the Central Research Institute of Precision Machine Building, which certifies firearms, they say that they are not yet familiar with this development. http://wp.me/p1eNEh-1ip

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