Why UKIP proves a free Scotland can happen

UKIP have these two past weeks shown the people of the UK want something new, something different. I know many through my media who have came away from Labour and SNP (Scottish National Party) here in Scotland to vote UKIP
I think this clearly shows people with a brain in their heads who understand what politics are all about have voted with a historical tick for UKIP. I am now asking the question, has this, or will vote from UKIP make the undecided in Scotland now sway away from no to yes.
Whatever the vote will be will be. We go yes, we go into the unknown in Scotland. I know people voting no for stupid reasons and people voting yes for the wrong reasons. Every year Scotland hands Westminster around £9 Billion pound and are given £5 Billion back to run the country. Westminster looks upon Scotland as a test ground, a guinea pig almost
Thatcherism is alive and well in the UK, we see it with Austerity cuts and how it has made people commit suicide and almost starve to death, the food banks in Scotland and all over the UK have grown 10 fold since the Tories took charge. What does this tell us?
I think it’s time to change, UKIP voters took a chance on that vote, if this was a national election week, UKIP would be running the UK. UKIP have thrown their hat into the Yes Scotland campaign and I believe Labour will also. There can be no one party in a free democratic Scotland, so others are and will throw their hats into the Yes Scotland campaign
Educating one’s self on why a free Scotland isn’t just good for Scotland but also England can be a hard sell but look at the maths behind it all and it becomes clear it would help everyone
Now is the time, today is the day, this is our time, our change
As the World hates and fights over the Nuclear option us here in Scotland are voting without anger, and we are voting to step away from the Nuclear option. We are showing a watching World that we are a race of people educated on why and willing to change without bad words or hate
We must do this
We must vote yes
UKIP has show change can and does happen



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