` Al-Nursa Front Use Civilians as Human Shields as Syrian Army Advances on Damascus ‘

#AceNewsServices – DAMASCUS – May 28 – The advance of the Syrian army on the locations of militants in Damascus outskirts has been practically stopped.

Servicemen are forced to carry out protracted trench combat actions, while mediators are trying to convince the Mujahidin militants of the terrorist al-Nusra Front to free hundreds, or even thousands of civilians, who are used as human shield by the bandits.

“There is fear and panic between them.

We can hear this by intercepting radio conversations. They are always blaming some Arur, as we understand, a Saudi, who enrolled them.

They came for caliphate, but they will meet doom,” Colonel Khalid, commander of a military unit in al-Qabun district — less than 10 km from Damascus down-town, told ITAR-TASS on Wednesday.

This district on the capital’s east is of strategic importance since it borders with the Homs – Damascus highway that runs further to the south to Daraa near the border with Jordan.

Al-Qabun fell under control of the militants in late 2011 under the same scenario used three years later in Kiev on the Maidan: peaceful protests were fusilladed by anonymous snipers in order to cast the blame for hundreds of deaths upon the governmental forces.

General Wafiq, who commands the Syrian army in al-Qabun, is convinced that the initial tactics was first rehearsed in Syria as on a testing range, and Israeli secret services and their American allies are primarily involved in it.

In the conversation with an ITAR-TASS reporter, the general recalled a trip of then ambassador of the US to Syria Robert Ford to Homs and Hama, where he generously pledged to help with money weapons to the rebels in their confrontation with the ‘regime’.

“We could attack even tomorrow and eliminate all of them, but there are many civilians, hundreds, thousands, and therefore we do not get the order,” Colonel Khalid says. “They are surrounded, completely blocked.

The Syrians would have surrendered long ago, but there may be up to a thousand foreign mercenaries, and they know that there will be no mercy on them, all will be eliminated, and we will not judge them.”

Itar-Tass – Hurriyet Daily – Syrian News


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