Why are all shooting’s by kids the same? This video needs watched

Sandy Hook’s is just an example

I have watched and looked and took notes over the years about kids who suddenly come from being a perfect child/kid to cold hearted killers. How many times do we have to be told a lie about a story. I am not saying Sandy Hooks was a lie (Image above) but in all shootings the Media spend days trying to work out how a perfect kid, a clever kid can turn into a killer. This is one video, one story but connects all stories. The question is always “WHY” This was JUST a few days ago from America where I questioned the reality of the killers last words, a video, like in the video below there is always a last word or a note of video left. They are ALL THE SAME! World Wide in the 1st World Media we see these kids being demonized with no reason given, just told so and we are to believe every world (Sheeple) The media almost make the kids famous, why do they do this? Can anyone see where I am coming from?

The chilling last words of Elliot Rodger’s


What am I missing here?

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