` Bahrain’s Opposition Parties Threaten to Boycott Parliamentary Elections ‘

#AceWorldNews – BAHRAIN – May 31 – Bahrain’s opposition parties will boycott the parliamentary elections unless the government guarantees the vote will reflect the will of the people, Reuters reports.

Following the failure of talks with authorities, the Al-Wefaq movement issued a statement saying that it will not participate in the vote later this year “unless a clear political agreement is reached.”

And despite Al Wefaq’s exposed identity in February events to many shocked Bahrainis, it has returned again after the failure of the revolution to represent the same role in the hope of a comeback to work secretly in creating new grounds for a new coup after ten years from now, as stated by Ali Salman, Secretary General of AlWefaq in his first speeches after the evacuation of the roundabout on Hezbolla’s Al Manar TV.

This sends a grave message which translates to : We will come back tougher and stronger with the help of our allies : Hezbolla.

The group also urged the international community to help it pursue a peaceful democratic transition for the Gulf monarchy. Bahrain has been in turmoil since protests led by Shi’ite Muslims erupted in 2011 after similar uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia.

Bahrain is currently under political pressure from the US and the UK governments to support Al Wefaq out of fear from extremists despite the recent evidence showing the society is actually the leader of the extremist groups.

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