` After a Quiet Period Ukraine Troops Begin Mortar Shelling of Slavyansk Including a Children’s Home ‘

#AceWorldNews – SLAVYANSK – June 01 – Ukraine’s troops have begun mortar shelling of Slavyansk suburbs, a spokesman for Slavyansk’s self-defence volunteer corps told Itar-Tass on Sunday. “Shelling became heavier after dark.

They are using mortars and firearms,” he said.

Artillery shelling damaged the buildings of the Sails of Hope children’s home and the research institute, he added.

(According to the spokesman, a shell hit one of the walls of the children’s home)

“There were no children inside at the moment of shelling – they were evacuated from the town last week,” the spokesman said. As for the research institute, a mine exploded in front of the building breaking all the windows.

Apart from that the shelling destroyed trolleybus power lines.

On Sunday evening, shooting was heard in the vicinity of Slavyansk, which is surrounded by the Ukrainian army. “There was a skirmish.

No details are available.

We are checking who was shooting and from where. Sporadic shooting is heard in the town,” a representative of volunteer corps said.

Tass – RT – RIA Novosti


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