‘ Quiet Sunday in the Ukraine, Church and Sunday Dinner But not for Citizens of Slavyansk ‘

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE (Slavyansk) – June 08 – Death and destruction is reported in eastern Ukraine as Kiev’s artillery has resumed shelling the rebellious city of Slavyansk. Locals tell RT they have been without running water and power for days, and that hope is fading.

“The shells broke just near the central square.

They hit residential houses, a furniture factory, a cafe and communications post,” an unnamed representative of the local city council told Itar-Tass. “There are victims among the civilians and some people received shrapnel wounds.”

“At this time there were many people in the centre because of the Pentecost Mass in the nearby church has just ended,” the source added.

Four people were killed in the result of the shelling, a small girl among them. Seven people were taken to hospital with injuries, RT’s correspondent Andrey Krasnoschyokov reports from the scene.

Kiev’s artillery also has hit a gas pipe in the city, but there was no explosion threat, the city council told RIA Novosti. Another shell struck a petrol station outside Slavyansk, and a blast and fire followed.

RT News


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