CCT Video Shows Police Officer Shooting and Killing inmate

Newly released video shows a Texas police officer fatally shooting a handcuffed prisoner in El Paso city jail.

The footage shows a struggle between the inmate – bodybuilder Daniel Saenz – police officer Jose Flores and an unidentified prison guard. The release of the video was ordered by the Texas Attorney General’s Office after a request by the newspaper El Paso.

The video dates to March 8, 2013.

Saenz, 37, had been arrested that day after he had allegedly attacked an off-duty police officer. Saenz was then being transported from jail to a hospital because he had smashed his head against the doorway and injured himself. The video shows Saenz, his hands in cuffs behind his back, being dragged by Mr Flores and the guard. According to a statement by the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT), the inmate had been tasered five times throughout the course of the day but continued to resist. Mr Flores pulled out his gun, firing a shot that went through Saenz’s shoulder and into his heart, local reports said. Saenz died shortly thereafter in hospital. CLEAT claimed the guard inadvertently hit the officer’s hand, causing the gun to fire. Mr Flores has not been charged but is believed to be on leave.

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