‘ US Department of Veterans Affairs Come Under Attack for Failing to Heed Needs of Female Veterans Returning to US from Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ‘

AceNewsServices – UNITED STATES – June 23 – The US Department for Veterans Affairs once again comes under attack this time for failing to heed the needs of female veterans coming back from US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

​There have been persistent shortcomings for some 390,000 female veterans used hospitals and clinics of the department, the Associated Press quoted head of the VA’s office of women’s health as saying.

​According to the news agency, the review of the VA internal documents, inspector general reports and interviews with patients revealed that:

​Nationwide, nearly one in four VA hospitals does not have a full-time gynecologist on staff. And about 140 of the 920 community-based clinics serving veterans in rural areas do not have a designated women’s health provider, despite the goal that every clinic would have one.

When community-based clinics refer veterans to a nearby university or other private medical facility to be screened for breast cancer, more than half the time their mammogram results are not provided to patients within two weeks, as required under VA policy.

​Female veterans have been placed on the VA’s Electronic Wait List at a higher rate than male veterans. All new patients who cannot be schedule for an appointment in 90 days or less are placed on that wait list.

And according to a VA presentation last year, female veterans of child-bearing age were far more likely to be given medications that can cause birth defects than were women being treated through a private HMO.

The department is accused of widespread and systematic manipulation of appointment data which caused some veterans to wait for as long as 15 years in order to receive medical service.