‘ Google Starts to Remove Some Search Results to Comply with EU Ruling Right to be Forgotten ‘

#AceNewsServices – EUROPEAN UNION – June 26 – Google is starting to remove some search results to comply with an EU ruling, Reuters said.

The ruling by Europe’s top court on May 13, which was called the “right to be forgotten,” upheld citizens’ rights to have objectionable personal information about them hidden in search engines.

“This week we’re starting to take action on removals requests that we have received," a Google spokesman said on Thursday.

(Guardian 13 May 2014 ) – The top European court has backed the "right to be forgotten" and said Google must delete "inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant" data from its results when a member of the public requests it.

​The test case privacy ruling by the European Union‘s court of justice against Google Spain was brought by a Spanish man, Mario Costeja González, after he failed to secure the deletion of an auction notice of his repossessed home dating from 1998 on the website of a mass circulation newspaper in Catalonia.

Costeja González argued that the matter, in which his house had been auctioned to recover his social security debts, had been resolved and should no longer be linked to him whenever his name was searched on Google.

He told the Guardian: "Like anyone would be when you tell them they’re right, I’m happy. I was fighting for the elimination of data that adversely affects people’s honour, dignity and exposes their private lives. Everything that undermines human beings, that’s not freedom of expression."

​The European court judges ruled that under existing EU data protection laws Google has to erase links to two pages on La Vanguardia‘s website from the results that are produced when Costeja González’s name is put into the search engine.