‘ Supreme Court Due to Make Important Ruling on Labour Law on Whether Non-Union Workers Can be Compelled to Pay Public Sector Union Dues ‘

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES(Washington) – June 28 – The Supreme Court will make its most important ruling in labour law in decades next week when it weighs in on a right-to-work case that could determine whether non-union workers can be compelled to pay public sector union dues.

​Courts for years have recognized the rights of unions to ask non-members to pay dues for union negotiating costs, but a group of home healthcare workers in Harris vs. Quinn are challenging dues they pay to a branch of the Service Employees International Union as a violation of free speech.

The case is pitting business groups and the National Right to Work Legal Defence Foundation against labour giants like the SEIU, which worry the court could rule broadly to prevent all non-members of public sector unions from being compelled to pay dues.

By Tim Devaney @The Hill

​(EOIONLINE -June 04 2014) – Before late June, the Supreme Court will rule on Harris v. Quinn, perhaps the most important labor case to come before it in several decades. If the court sides with the extremist National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation (NRTW), which appealed the case after losing before the Seventh Circuit and lower courts, it could inflict a major blow on unions that represent public employees. National Right to Work is representing three Illinois home care aides — out of about 20,000 union-represented workers — who provide Medicaid-reimbursed services to disabled patients.

It argues that “forcing” the aides to accept the union as their collective bargaining agent (a clear majority chose unionisation in 2003) is unconstitutional and that they are not state employees but employees of the Medicaid recipients they work for.