‘ Supreme Court Rules a Christian-Owned Company Can Claim Religious Exemption to Law Requiring Employers to Pay for Their Workers Contraception’

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES (Washington) – June 30 – The US Supreme Court has ruled a Christian-owned company can claim a religious exemption to a law requiring employers to pay for their workers’ contraception.

The owners of craft chain Hobby Lobby and others argued the mandate in President Barack Obama’s healthcare law violated their religious beliefs.

The 5-4 decision applies only to "closely held" companies.

The court said the law offered other ways to ensure access to contraception.

In the landmark ruling on Monday, the Supreme Court found that some corporations can hold religious objections that exempt them from a legal requirement that companies with 50 or more employees offer a health insurance plan that pays for contraception at no charge to the worker or pay a fine.

The law was written into President Barack Obama’s controversial health overhaul, which has been beset by legal challenges since it passed in 2010 over unanimous opposition from the Republican Party.