‘ Confrontation Between China and US Would be a Disaster if Both Countries Do Not Respect Each Other’s Sovereignty ‘

#AceWorldNews – CHINA (Beijing) – July 09 – Confrontation between China and the US would be a disaster, both countries should respect each other’s sovereignty, Chinese president Xi Jinping said on Wednesday, opening the sixth round of the US-China strategic and economic dialogue, where the US delegation is led by Secretary of State John Kerry.

​Problems in China-US relations were not to be feared as long as both sides tried to overcome them, the Chinese president said, describing the model of the two countries’ relations as an unprecedented example in history.

China and the US had overcome difficulties and continued moving on over the last 35 years thanks to the leaders’ understanding of the contemporary situation, Xi Jinping said.

Both countries should apply creative thinking to open new horizons in bilateral cooperation, he added.