‘ Israel’s ‘ Operation Protective Edge Day’ Enters Second Day in Targeting Gaza Strip Militants ‘

#AceBreakingNewsIsrael’s ‘Operation Protective Edge’ enters its second day, following a day of airstrikes targeting Gaza, which killed at least 28 Palestinians. As Hamas rocket fire continues, Israel braces for a “ground offensive,” calling up 40,000 army reservists.

Wednesday, July 9

11:44 GMT:

A rocket siren sounded in the Israeli town of Zichron Yaakov in the Haifa District, which is about 120km from Gaza, an IDF spokesperson posted on Twitter.

05:55 GMT:

The Iron Dome anti-missile system has intercepted at least two rockets fired from Gaza Strip at the Tel Aviv area. No casualties have been reported.

05:09 GMT:

Residents of the buildings targeted by Israeli Air Force for strikes have tried to avert the attacks by going up the roofs en masse, the IAF said. Such ploys will not be effective, it added.

05:03 GMT:

The Israeli military has hit 160 targets in the Gaza Strip overnight, reports Haaretz newspaper.

03:19 GMT:

Egypt will open up the Rafah border crossing to accept injured Palestinians on Wednesday, The Times of Israel reported. A number of Gaza residents will be let in to receive medical attention. Egypt has yet to specify the number of individuals that will be allowed in or when the border crossing will open.

03:13 GMT:

The EU condemned Gaza and Israel for escalating the violence, calling for a ceasefire. The EU “strongly condemns the indiscriminate fire into Israel by militant groups in the Gaza Strip,” EU foreign police chief Catherine Ashton said in a statement.

At the same time, the statement denounced Israel’s airstrikes, which are leading to a “growing number of civilian casualties, reportedly among them children, caused by Israeli retaliatory fire.”

EU called on both parties to “to do their utmost to achieve an immediate ceasefire.”

02:11 GMT:

The 2nd day of Operation Protective Edge has began. The#IDF remains determined to fight #Hamas terror on all frontspic.twitter.com/4RBUFKpwlL

— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) July 9, 2014

00:15 GMT:

The US embassy in Tel Aviv will operate under minimal staffing due to the latest escalation of violence, Haaretz reported.

Tuesday, July 8

23:12 GMT:

Gaza rockets interrupted an Israeli wedding in Ashdon as they exploded in the sky, according to a video posted by IDF. Ashdon is in Israel’s Southern District.

23:03 GMT:

A top leader of Islamic Jihad’s Al-Quds Brigades, Hafiz Hamad, was killed in northern Gaza following Israeli airstrikes on Wednesday morning. Five other militants were also killed during the strikes.

One of the airstrikes targeted the leader’s house, Palestinian Ma’an news agency reported.

Two separate airstrikes hit Gaza’s southern city of Rafah, killing two Palestinians.




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