‘ Samsung Suspends Business With Supplier Over Child Labour Issues ‘

#AceWorldNewsCHINA (Beijing) – July 17 – Samsung suspended business with a supplier in China after a watchdog group found child labour was being used in its factories.

Child Labour Watch Samsung

China Labor Watch issued a report last week noting “at least five child workers” and calling Samsung’s auditing process “ineffective.”

After what the electronics giant said was the fourth investigation into the South Korean subsidiary, it discovered suspected child labour and halted business.

Samsung pledged to sever all ties if the claims were found to be true.

The company has been in trouble before—in 2012, China Labour Watch said seven child workers were being used by suppliers in the country.

The investigator discovered children working for as little as 70p an hour over the course of a night shift.

They allegedly had no contract and were working under a fake ID.

The investigator reported: ‘The children said working on the night shift is exhausting.

They say they sometimes feel like sacrificing eating for sleeping.

‘Each shift is a daily struggle for these children. Tired, they must face high quotas and strict management, with supervisors frequently yelling at them.

‘Workers are not allowed to talk, and if they are caught doing so, they are scolded by a supervisor.’

The child workers were found to be earning a third less than adult workers per week.

The investigator discovered five children aged between 14 and 15 working on the same production line during a period of high demand.

Children were required to work 11 hour shifts – but were only paid for ten hours – and were expected to assemble 700 units per hour.

The investigator also observed an absence of safety training, no overtime wages and no social insurance for temporary workers, who constituted at least 40 percent of 1,200 employees at the factory.

The report came shortly after Samsung said its audit found no evidence of child labour at its factories in China.

Samsung began inspecting its Chinese suppliers after CLW brought child labour to its attention in 2012.

Following the latest revelations, Samsung has temporarily suspended business with the factory after conducting its own investigation which found evidence of suspected child labour.



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