‘ Nine Blogger’s and Journalists Charged With Terrorism in Ethiopia ‘

#AceWorldNews – ETHIOPIA (Addis Ababa) – July 20 – Nine blogger’s and journalists, four of them Global Voices members, were charged with terrorism and related activities before Ethiopia’s Lideta High Court yesterday. Arrested and detained in Addis Ababa on April 25 and 26, they since have been behind bars on informal accusations of “working with foreign organizations that claim to be human rights activists and…receiving finance to incite public violence through social media.”

​The defendants’ attorneys and families were not given prior notice about the hearing, and they thus had no legal representation present when the charges were issued.

The Zone9 Trial Tracker blog, run by sources close to the defendants, reported that the charges included working with organizations branded as “terrorist” by the Ethiopian government; participating in an email encryption training; and “underground organization.”

The bloggers’ attorney told AFP that the charges have no “credible substance.” Supporters around the world expressed outrage over the charges on Twitter, under the #FreeZone9Bloggers hashtag. Yoseph Mulugeta, a former Human Rights Watch representative in Ethiopia who has been following the case closely, tweeted:

19page fabricated charges but no mention of Zone9 by name.Not even once.The brand surely terrifies enemies of free speech#FreeZone9Bloggers

— Yoseph Mulugeta (@YosephMulugeta) July 18, 2014

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Written byEllery Roberts Biddle@ellerybiddle