GAZA CITY: ' Israel and Palestinians Begin Five-Day Cease-Fire Though Reports Announced Israel Launched Air-Strikes in Response to Rocket Fire From Gaza '

#AceWorldNews – GAZA CITY -August 14 – Israel and the Palestinians have begun a fresh five-day ceasefire in Gaza, agreed at the end of a three-day truce BBC in the Middle Eastern correspondent reported.

‘ Peace in Gaza for 5 Days’ ​

As the ceasefire was announced, Israel launched air strikes in response to alleged rocket fire from Gaza.

There were no more reports of violence overnight, and the two sides were expected to continue indirect talks mediated by Egypt in Cairo.

The Israelis launched a military operation in Gaza on 8 July to stop militant attacks from Gaza.

‘Forbiddingly difficult’

Hamas, which controls Gaza and is involved in the Cairo talks, has denied its members launched rockets at Israel on Wednesday night.

Israeli military spokesman Peter Lerner said on Twitter: "No need to jump to conclusions. I don’t know who launched 10pm (19:00GMT) rocket at Israel."

There was no immediate report of casualties from either side.


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