BRAZIL: ‘ Marina Silva to Replace Eduardo Campos as Head of Brazilian Socialist Party and also Expected to Run for Presidency ‘

#AceWorldNews – BRAZIL (Rio de Janeiro) – August 16 – Marina Silva is likely to replace Eduardo Campos, who recently died in a plane crash, as the head of the Brazilian Socialist Party and is also expected to run for the presidency in the country, according to reports in the Folha de S.Paulo, O Estado de S.Paulo and O Globo newspapers RT reported.

​The PSB, as the party is known have agreed to support Silva, and her candidacy is likely to be formally announced at a party meeting scheduled for August 20.

She is an environmentalist and is hugely popular among younger voters who are disillusioned with Brazil’s political establishment.

A devout Christian, Silva also has a loyal following among evangelical voters, an increasingly influential demographic in Brazil.

The first round of Brazil’s elections is due to take place on October 5.