RUSSIA: ‘ Skype Prepared to Store Six Months Worth of User Data and Transfer to Russian Law Enforcement Authorities with Microsoft’s Full Compliance ‘

#AceNewsServices – (Exclusive) – MOSCOW- August 18 – Some news just gets missed with the volume that is around such as this ‘ Originally Posted on January 15th by. / ITAR-TASS /.‘ Corporation Microsoft, which owns the Internet phone service Skype,

​ready to be stored for six months and transfer to Russian law enforcement authorities with information about the negotiations, correspondence and exchange of user data from the Russian Federation to the reply from the press service of Microsoft’s request to ITAR-TASS.

"Microsoft confirms its commitment to work in full compliance with the Russian legislation, as is done in all countries where the company does business. When making any law, we will act in accordance with its requirements", – the press-service of the Corporation.

Package of anti-terrorism amendments

In the State Duma a package of amendments toughening anti-terrorism legislation

A group of MPs led by Irina Spring made on Wednesday to the State Duma a package of anti-terrorism amendments that impose additional regulation, including on the telecommunications industry.

In particular, in the text of the amendments states that a natural or legal person who organizes the communication of users on the Internet, "is obliged to keep the information about the reception, transmission, delivery and processing of voice information, writing, images and sounds or intelligence of any kind acts committed by users during the propagation information and (or) data exchange, within six months after the end of such actions and provide this information to the public authorities … ". What specific data should be stored and transmitted, determine the government if the law is adopted.

INFOGRAPHICSAmendments to the anti-terrorism legislationamendments to anti-terrorism legislation

Information about the amendments, which the State Duma plans to make to the anti-terrorism legislation.Infographics ITAR-TASS

According to the amendments talks to Skype user from Russia will be considered as the provision of telecommunications services in Russia.

In SF approve changes in legislation

Chairman of the Committee of the upper chamber of the Defense and Security Viktor Ozerov said that a package of bills aimed at the empowerment of the FSB in the fight against terrorism and punishment of terrorist activities, find the full support and understanding of the members of the Federation Council. "All that work to counter terrorism – namely connected with this package of bills that expand the duties, powers and responsibilities of the Federal Security Service, and are aimed at further strengthening the responsibility of not only terrorists, but also to those who prepare the attack, who are its partners, – we are prepared to support, "- he stressed.

December 18, 2013 The Federation Council approved the law on the transfer of the rights of the FSB investigation under preventive action, creating threats to the information security of Russia. The document proposes to extend the list of tasks of the operational-search activity – obtaining information about events or actions (inaction) that threaten the information security of the Russian Federation. "At the moment the results of law enforcement information security indicate the intensification of threats to national interests in this sphere," – said in a memorandum to the bill.

Access to the correspondence of Gmail users, and Yahoo!

In the autumn of 2013 there was a public discussion of the draft order the Ministry of Communications, which regulates the installation to 1 July 2014 operators of special equipment for the interception and storage of internet traffic for at least 12 hours. According to the document the security services will have direct access to the records.

The annex to the order listed service, "which is supported by the selection and transfer to CP (control panel. – ITAR-TASS) information." The list includes not only the Russian services Mail, Yandex, Rambler, Aport, Rupochta, Hotbox, ICQ, but foreign Gmail and Yahoo !.

State control of the Internet in Russia. Dossier


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