UKRAINE: ‘ Lugansk Forgotten City NO Water, NO Food NO Energy But Ukrainian Military Still Bomb ‘

AceWorldNews – UKRAINE (Lugansk) – August 18 – I reported yesterday with additions from a fellow blogger about the forgotten people of this town. Today an article from . /ITAR-TASS/. confirms that Luhansk remains without energy, water and communication, municipal press service of the war-torn city in Ukraine’s south-east reported on last Monday, another 7 days having past.

​’ Forgotten People and Forgotten City But Still They Bomb’

Ukraine’s military continued shelling last night. In the eastern districts, the Ukrainian artillery destroyed houses, the press service said.

Water is not supplied to houses, and people have to take water from the flow along one of the streets, which began running as a boiling station was damaged in Luhansk.

The press service refers to witnesses, who confirm military actions continuing in the city.

People have to wait in line for hours hoping to buy some food that appears from time to time at local market places. Luhansk is not receiving any supplies of food, medicines or fuel.

‘ Ukrainian Military’s Mission to Liberate the City ‘ ​

Ukrainian armed forces encircled Luhansk and now control the city’s several districts, spokesman for the Council for National Security and Defence Andrei Lysenko said earlier on Monday.

“Ukrainian military have managed to regain control over some parts of Luhansk,” he said. “The city is almost entrapped and the military continue the mission to liberate the city.”