WASHINGTON: ‘ Elephant in the Room OR Another Contender for President of America Who is Female ‘

#AceNewsServices – (Opinion) UNITED STATES (Washington) – August 20 – Recently there has been much talk about the elephant in the room, these things we should not really talk about, but they exist all the same.

Well let us presuppose that another elephant is, maybe or could be lurking in the shadows of the senate, namely a woman as eventual President of America! As these words are spoken, though quietly in a corner, a lot of men would gulp!

But according to latest figures, candidates and political committees linked to ‘ Emily’s List ‘ which backs female contenders who support abortion rights. This scenario could well be, not so far from the truth.

So could America be heading for a show-down in 2016, not just between Democrats and GOP, but between Male and Female.

As the Associated Press today reported: Control of the Senate could lie in the fortunes of female candidates and the deep-pocketed donors, like former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who are sending piles of cash their way.

So far this election cycle, donors have handed over $46 million to a collection of political committees and candidates linked to Emily’s List, which backs female contenders who support abortion rights.

The Emily’s List network of committees raised more than most other outside groups, including the GOP-backed American Crossroads and the anti-tax Club for Growth.

So maybe at present this may seem a long-way from happening, but look back at how far women have come since Emmeline Pankhurst and maybe the prospect, may not be as unusual as first thought.

By Ian K Draper @ Ace News Services
Contribution from Philip Elliot @ The Associated Press