BRITAIN: ‘ Catching Jihadists’ Crossing Back into the Country is Becoming Much Harder With Many Vanishing After Being Stopped ‘

#AceWorldNews – BRITAIN – August 24 – Major questions have been raised over Britain’s ability to catch jihadist terrorist suspects returning to the country, after figures showed that thousands of illegal immigrants are disappearing through the UK’s porous borders every year Telegraph reported.

​The Home Office data, obtained by The Telegraph, show a dramatic increase in the proportion of immigrants who vanish after being stopped at border checks for carrying false passports or incorrect visas.

Seaports handling coach-loads of visitors, and border checks on the Eurostar route at Lille in France, are believed to have been particularly vulnerable to illegal immigrants in recent years.

Figures released by the Government under Freedom of Information laws showed that 3,527 immigrants absconded after failing border checks last year. Only 846 were found, meaning 76 per cent – about 2,700 – remained at large.

As the statistics detail only those individuals who have been challenged by border officers, the true scale of illegal immigrants evading security is likely to be far higher.

The data emerged at a critical time for national security, after David Cameron and Theresa May, the Home Secretary, warned of a "generational struggle" against British jihadists who had travelled to fight with terrorists in Syria and Iraq.