UNITED STATES: ' Promoting `Every Sailor. Every Day ' Under Suicide Prevention Month '

#AceWorldNews- UNITED STATES (Pearl Harbor NNS) – August 30 – Starting in September the Navy will be promoting the message "Every Sailor, Every Day," to encourage all Sailors, leaders, families and members of the Navy community to strengthen their connections with those around them in accordance with Suicide Prevention Month.

Unfortunately, suicide is currently one of the top causes of death in the Navy, claiming the lives of approximately 44 Sailors in 2013 alone and, according to Navy Personnel Command, 39 lives so far in 2014.

While these statistics suggest a decrease in frequency of total suicide fatalities from previous years, the numbers show that some.

Sailors are still finding themselves with nowhere to go and no other option.

In an organization that requires the cooperation and unity of every Sailor to accomplish its mission, one suicide is one too many….. Read More:



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