UKRAINE: ' Donetsk Has First Morning without Blasts and Gunfire Reports Local Media '

AceWorldNews – UKRAINE (Donetsk) has the first morning without blasts and gunfire on Monday, locals said reporting to local media.

The city was under artillery fire overnight almost till 02:00 a.m. An explosion hit a residential area on Sunday night after the district was shelled supposedly from a Tochka-U missile system.

The militia continued fighting for the airport building on Sunday. By the night, the militia headquarters said the airport was completely blocked. Ukrainian soldiers who had seized the building began to give up. About 270 people surrendered by the morning.

During the fighting, a fire broke out at the terminal.

Ukrainian troops also surrendered artillery guns they had used to fire at the city and two BM-21 launchers.

Seized weapons, including Tulip mortars, are used by the militia against the Ukrainian forces.

Part of the city is left without electricity and gas as a result of last days’ shelling.


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