UKRAINE: ‘ State Electric Company Announces Imposed Limits on Supplies to Crimea ‘

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – Ukrainian state electricity company Ukrinterenergo announced on Wednesday it had imposed limits on electricity supplies for consumers in Russia’s Crimea.

The company explained the move by a power crisis on the mainland and threatened to cut all supplies if the quotas were breached.

Crimea depends on Ukraine for around 80 percent of its electricity supplies, Reuters said.

Supplies of electricity were not cut despite the notice, Crimea’s Energy Ministry said Wednesday.

It was only on June 01 2014 that Ukraine appointed Ukrinterenergo state enterprise as power seller and as reported by VoR Starting from June 1 only Ukrinterenergo state enterprise will be able to purchase power on Ukraine’s wholesale market in order to supply it to Crimea – the Ukrainian government said in a relevant decision.

According to the resolution of May 7 released on Thursday, Ukrinterenergo will sell power to Crimean enterprises under bilateral agreements, while the Ukrenergo state power company will keep records on these power supplies.