SYRIA: ‘ Unknown Militiamen Assassinated a Commander of al-Nursa Front – Reports ‘

#AceNewsServices – SYRIA (Hama Province) – September 12 – Unknown militiamen assassinated a commander in al Nusra Front by shooting him in Aqerabat area which is held by IS.

Al Nusra Front, Jundo al Aqsa and the rebels and Islamic battalions took control over Seher Hill checkpoint near the village of al Shir after violent clashes with the regime forces.

The violent clashes have continued between the same parties on the outskirts of the village of Sen Seher near Btish farmlands and in the village of Zor al Qse’eyyi located in the north of Arze village, information reported regime’s advancement in the area.

Violent clashes have erupted between al Nusra Front and the regime forces in the vicinity of Mharde city which is inhabited by Christians where al Nusra Front has tried to capture the city after bringing military enhancement and mobilizing 1500 fighters.

Translated from Arabic

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights 


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