WHO: ‘ Ebola Statistics 4,784 Cases and Kills 2,400 People ‘

#AceWorldNews – GENEVA – September 12 – The worst-ever outbreak of the Ebola virus has now killed more than 2,400 people, the World Health Organization(WHO) said Friday.

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As of 12 September, we are at 4,784 cases and more than 2,400 deaths,” AFP quoted the head of the UN health agency, Margaret Chan, as saying in Geneva.

Ebola virus disease – Democratic Republic of Congo

Disease outbreak news
10 September 2014

Epidemiological situation:

Between 2 and 9 September 2014, there have been 31 more cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) reported in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), increasing the cumulative number of cases to 62 (14 confirmed, 26 probable, and 22 suspect). In total, 35 deaths have been reported (9 confirmed and 26 probable).

No deaths have been reported among suspected cases. Nine health-care workers have been diagnosed with EVD, including 7 deaths. All the cases have been localized in Jeera county. The affected villages are Watsi Kengo, Lokolia, Boende, and Boende Muke. Currently, 9 cases have been hospitalized: 4 in Lokolia; 2 in Watsikengo; 2 in Boende; and 1 in Boende Moke. A total of 386 contacts have been listed and 239 contacts have been followed-up.

All cases and contacts are linked to the initial index case reported to the World Health Organization on 26 August 2014.


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