EUROPEAN UNION: ‘ Denounces Any Act Aimed at Diminishing the Political Transfer in Yemen ‘

#AceWorldNews – EUROPEAN UNION – SANA’A (Saba) – September 14 – The European Union has denounced any act aiming at diminishing the political transfer in Yemen, stressing that parties involved in armed clashes must abandon their weapons they seized from state’s army and to abide by effective laws.

In a release issued by the EU Commission today on the occasion of the International Day of Democracy under the motto “Sharing Youth in the Democratic Process,” it made it clear the world is focusing on involving youth in the democratic process.

“Half of the population in Yemen is under 15 years and one third of the population is between 15-29,” the release said. The released added that the Yemeni youth cannot wait more as they are aspiring for more prosperous future and calling for a new Yemen people share power and resources away of dominance of any group or individuals.

The commission confirmed that Yemen is the only country in the region that adopted an inclusive national dialogue puts foundations of good democratic process and settlements to clashes.


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