FRANCE: Arrest’s Six People Suspected of Recruitment as New Law on Jihadists is Approved ‘

#AceBreakingNews – FRANCE (Lyon) – Six people have been arrested near Lyon on suspicions of recruiting young women to join Islamist groups fighting in Syria, France 24 said.

The arrests were made on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings in the Lyon area in central France, according to Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

France has today drafted a law aimed at stopping aspiring jihadists from travelling.It includes a ban on foreign travel for up to six months for individuals suspected of radicalisation, and the authorities can invalidate their passports temporarily.

Also and according to the new law, the travel ban could be imposed, “where there are serious reasons to believe that someone is planning to travel abroad to take part in terrorist activities, war crimes or crimes against humanity or in a theatre of operations of terrorist groups and in conditions likely to jeopardize public security upon their return to French territory.”

According to a police source, a brother and a sister were among those detained, with one of the suspects linked to Forsane Alizza (Knights of Pride), an Islamist extremist group that has called for France to become an Islamic caliphate. The group was banned in 2012.

Young French men and women make up the largest contingent of European jihadists fighting in Syria, with authorities saying some 930 French citizens or residents are involved in waging jihad.

About 2,000 Europeans are believed to be fighting in Iraq and Syria. Security officials fear they will use their jihadist training to launch attacks on home soil after returning to Europe on their European passports.

A Frenchman who fought with the Islamic State group in Syria is suspected of launching an attack on a Jewish museum in Brussels in May, killing four people.


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