CHINA: ‘ Anonymous Declares CYBER-WAR on Government of Hong Kong ‘

#AceNewsServices – HONG KONG – October 02 – The Anonymous international hacktivist network has declared cyber war against the government of Hong Kong accusing it of ill-treatment of protesters in a video sent to and released by News2Share.

“To the Hong Kong police and any others that are called to the protests, we are watching you very closely and have already begun to wage war on you for your inhumane actions against your own citizens,” the transcript of the video, released on Wednesday shows.

' Anonymous Hacktivists Support Hong Kong Protesters - Sit-IN

‘ Anonymous Hacktivists Support Hong Kong Protesters – Sit-IN

“To the protesters in Hong Kong, we have heard your plea for help… Anonymous members all over the world stand with you, and will help in your fight for democracy,” the message says.

The Anonymous group has warned that “attacking protesters will result in releasing personal information” of Hong Kong government officials and seizure of “databases and e-mail pools”.


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