IRAQ: ‘ Reports from the Front-Line Against Islamic State’

#AceWorldNews – IRAQ – October 04  – The Iraqi army has recaptured the town of Dhuluiya, located about 75 kilometres north of Baghdad, after numerous attacks by Islamic State (IS) insurgents, who are in control of large swathes of northern Iraq, Reuters reports.

The rare victory for the Iraqi army was partly brought about by the help of the influential Sunni al-Jubouri tribe, which has fought against IS militants with the support of Shiite fighters from a neighbouring town.

But in other Sunni towns north of Baghdad, IS militants have aligned with local militias who distrust Iraq’s Shiite-led government.

US-led forces have started bombing IS targets in Iraq and Syria in the hope that this will help government and Kurdish forces in Iraq and moderate Sunnis in Syria recapture territory seized by the Islamic State.


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