‘ Islamic State Beheads UK Aid Worker Alan Henning – Reports ‘

#AceBreakingNews – October 04 – A new video has surfaced showing Islamic State militants allegedly beheading UK aid worker Alan Henning, the Associated Press reports.

According to AP, the footage shows an Islamic State (ISIS / ISIL) militant murdering Henning before threatening to also kill American Peter Edward Kassig.

“Hi, I’m Alan Henning. Because of our Parliament’s decision to attack the Islamic State, I as a member of the British public will now pay the price for that decision,” he says.

Before ending the video, the Islamic State fighter blames President Barack Obama’s renewed military action in Syria and Iraq for his and other hostages’ deaths.

“Obama, you have started your aerial bombard of Shams [Syria], which keep on striking our people, so it is only right that we strike the next of your people,” the masked militant said, as quoted by AP.

BREAKING NEWS: Islamic State Video shows beheading of UK hostage Alan Henning, warns US hostage Peter Kassig is next pic.twitter.com/46bNKjYcRW

— Lisa Daftari (@LisaDaftari) October 3, 2014

The video was released on Friday and resembles other beheading videos published online by the Islamic State.

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In a statement, President Obama said the US “strongly condemns the brutal murder” of Henning.

“Mr. Henning worked to help improve the lives of the Syrian people and his death is a great loss for them, for his family and the people of the United Kingdom,” he said. “Standing together with a broad coalition of allies and partners, we will continue taking decisive action to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL.”

Both the British Foreign Office and the White House say they are aware of the video, but cannot yet verify whether it is real.

“If true, this is a further disgusting murder. We are offering the family every support possible; they ask to be left alone at this time,” a spokesman for the British Foreign Office told Reuters.


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