BULGARIA: ‘ Parliamentary Elections at 11,434 Polling Stations – Early Exit Poll Shows GERB Party Taking the Lead ‘

#AceNewsServices – BULGARIA (Sofia) – October 05 – Bulgaria is hosting an early parliamentary election, with 11,434 polling stations opening across the country early on Sunday.

' Bulgarias October-5-Parliamentary-Elections-GERB 33.6% exit-poll '

‘ Bulgarias October-5-Parliamentary-Elections-GERB 33.6% exit-poll ‘

The 18 political parties and seven coalitions are included in the ballots.

According to pre-election polls, GERB Centre-right political party, Bulgarian Socialist Party and Movement for Rights and Freedoms are almost sure to bag spots in the Bulgaria’s 43rd National Assembly.

An early vote was called in August after the resignation of the government of Plamen Oresharski and dissolving of the 42nd National Assembly. Early indications from exit polls show GERB Party has the lead with 33.2% followed closely by Bulgarians Socialist Party with 16.5% with others others following up the rear.       


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