JAPAN: ‘ Braces itself for Onslaught of Typhoon Phanfone as Thousands Lose Power ‘

#AceWorldNews – JAPAN (Tokyo) – October 05 – Following closely on from the recent Volcano erupting, killing 50 people to date and causing major disruption to the centre of Japan, the people brace themselves for the latest onslaught of a Typhoon Phanfone


At least 22,000 households have been left without power in the Amami area in Kagoshima Prefecture, on the most south-westerly main island of Kyushu as powerful typhoon Phanfone moves in, reports Japan’s national public broadcaster NKH.  

At least 58 residents of the area were evacuated.

According to Japan’s Meteorological Agency, the typhoon is 180km east of the island of Amami and is moving north at 15kph.

The typhoon is expected to strike the country’s main islands at about 17:00 GMT on Sunday.

It was only back on July 08 2014 when another Typhoon Neoguri slammed into Okinawa.




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